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Jack Zaleski, Published November 23 2013

Zaleski: Radio surprise; goofiness in US House

Stuff stuffed in the back of the notebook:

Good radio

Emerging from the wasteland of commercial radio, find 92.7 “The Drive” on the FM dial. I came across it a couple of weeks ago on the commute home. What a treat.

The selections are mostly grown-up recent rock-era music, eclectic and not so numbingly pop as to bore. No country, no rap, no bubble-gum singsong, no recent graduates from “American Idol” (or is it “idle”?)

Instead, the fare goes to better work of ELO, Steely Dan, America, Stevie Nicks, Santana, James Taylor, Elton John, early (and darker) Rolling Stones, and lesser-known but often superior songs of The Beatles. Toss in a little vintage Gordon Lightfoot, Eric Clapton and Manfred Mann, and there is seldom a loser in an hour of listening.

And saints be praised: No banal chatter from an air-head DJ trying to gin up ratings with phony “news,” or vacuous prattle about the insights of Kayne West and Kim Kardashian. What few ads break up the music are 10-second spots grouped in a brief block. The music is the priority. Tune in. It’s for grownups.

So-o-o goofy

Opponents of the Affordable Health Care Act are overplaying their hand. Obamacare is not popular and has more problems and pitfalls than anyone seems to know. Yet, the goofies in the U.S. House who voted some 46 times to repeal the law are “outraged” the website isn’t working and insured people are losing their policies.

Outraged! is how Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., put it during a committee hearing. Doing a fair Bela Lugosi-as-Dracula imitation, Issa was positively stricken with indignation because his constituents couldn’t access the website and sign up.

Not to be outdone, the House’s version of an aging Barbie doll, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., fumed like Scarlett O’Hara because the people of her district couldn’t sign up.

Really? These are the same House members who have been working overtime to scuttle Obamacare. They have seized every opportunity to savage the ACA, calling it one of the biggest public policy disasters in history. How it is, then, they are hand-wringing upset that people in their states can’t sign up? Do they want them to sign up for a disaster? Do they want them to jump into a plan they want to eviscerate? It’s very confusing.

Or is it? Are Issa and Blackburn little more than hypocrites, showboats and run-of-the-mill partisan hacks? Or are they dang fine people just trying to do what’s right. You buy that?

Hey, I’m just sayin’ …

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