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David F. Knecht, Fargo, Published November 19 2013

Letter: Almighty dollar’ attacks the family

Well, the “almighty dollar” is winning again with the opening of the holiday sales season on Thanksgiving Day. America is selling its soul penny by penny, slowly becoming the slave of the almighty dollar.

We have already surrendered in the field of national sports. The point of the game is no longer the skill of the athletes for the fun of the game; that’s only important as it plays up the chance of strengthening the “almighty dollar.”

We have relinquished the entertainment field to its power long ago. We spend multiple times more for entertainment tickets than for the care of the needy in our midst – and we have all quietly bought into the scheme.

Now the almighty dollar is attacking one of the most basic bastions of our beloved civilization – the family. That’s not saying the importance of the spiritual significance of taking time to be grateful for all of the benefits of the life we are privileged to lead is not important. (We long ago surrendered the Sabbath or Sunday – or just a day of the week that is free from economic pursuits.

There is only one way of bringing its alluring power under control: not to listen to its siren song. If we don’t personally “buy into it,” the message may get through, and we will preserve a bit of the life all of say we desire.

More power to you.