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Dale Heger, Fargo, Published November 19 2013

Letter: If we don’t save Thanksgiving, we surely will lose Christmas

I read the great article in the Nov. 14 Forum about how Thanksgiving isn’t really a holiday anymore; it’s just another shopping day. It seems businesses care more about making money and less about family. The weirdest thing is people would rather shop on Thanksgiving than enjoy it with the family – eating and giving thanks. This is one of the reasons for the downfall of the family.

First, they allowed stores to be open on Sunday. Second, they allow bars to be open on Good Friday. Now it’s Thanksgiving’s turn to be taken away from the family. What’s next? Is the world going to take Christmas away from the family also? Are we going to let that happen?

What is it going to take before this country loses the true meaning of family, and Thanksgiving? This was not what our forefathers intended when the United States was founded. Thanksgiving started because of the pilgrims being thankful for the bounty in the new land and the friendship they had with the Native Americans.

I think that if all who have to work on Thanksgiving would not show up to work, we could maybe save Thanksgiving. What are businesses going to do? Fire everyone who doesn’t show up to work on Thanksgiving? Will they be able to get workers fast enough in time for the holiday? I doubt it. Managers and business owners would have to do the work themselves, and there’s no way they could do it.

If everyone would just stop going out shopping on Thanksgiving, stores would just have to close their doors on that holiday.

If we don’t save Thanksgiving, Christmas would be next to be taken away from the family. In my family, Christmas Eve was just as important as Christmas Day. On those two days, my family was together. Now people are even waiting until the last minute, Christmas Eve, to shop for Christmas gifts.

Let us band together and say: “Hell, no, we won’t work on Thanksgiving and shop on Thanksgiving.” Let us give it back to the family as our forefathers intended. Let us do it now before Christmas is also taken away. Do it for the family.

If the government and businesses won’t do anything about it, it’s up to us. So when the stores open up Thanksgiving Day, don’t go out to shop no matter what big items they may have on sale to lure you in. Stay home with your family this year. If we all did that, what a shake-up that will be to the business world.