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Patrick Grenyo, Fargo, Published November 16 2013

Letter: Let’s be ‘clear’ about real impact of President Obama’s train wreck

So President Barack Obama has come out and apologized for not being more “clear” with his Affordable Care Act message. Really? Is that the problem? He needed to be more “clear.” I suppose there are a number of things he could have been more “clear” about.

For example: I searched the Internet and watched countless videos of President Obama’s speeches in which he continuously stated his health care plan would not add a dime to the deficit. (Oops! He should have been more “clear” about that, as the estimate is Obamacare will cost taxpayers roughly

$1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.)

How about when Obama stated, “There are no new taxes in my health plan.” (Oops! He should have been more “clear.” There are at least 21 new or raised taxes in his plan and new taxes keep popping up.) Then there was the obvious one about keeping your current insurance plan if you choose to do so. (Oops again! Should have been more “clear.”)

The list could go on and on. There is a reason greater than 70 percent of Americans didn’t want this legislation. It’s a train wreck implemented by an incompetent administration.

I received notice that my private employer coverage has increased this coming year by 40 percent due to the cost of the Affordable Care Act. For those like David Evers, who recently wrote he and his family were able to have health insurance, I am grateful. However, to the 99 percent whom Obamacare will adversely effect, I encourage you to call Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s office and ask her to live up to her campaign promises and fight the establishment in Washington, D.C., and repeal this insane law. If repeal isn’t an option, then at the very least fix the hundreds of problems this legislation has and will create moving forward.

Grenyo lives in Fargo.