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Bob Lind, Published November 14 2013

Neighbors: Another reader completes poem listing presidents in order

Here’s the second of two completions to a poem listing the presidents in order, in response to the request of a reader who remembered the original poem taught in schools years ago; so far back, in fact, that the last president listed was McKinley.

The reader challenged others to complete the poem, listing all the presidents since McKinley.

The first one ran last week. Today, here’s a completion of the poem as composed by Jan Smith, Clitherall, Minn., starting with the original lines, and ending, from Theodore Roosevelt on, with Jan’s contribution:

George Washington, that hero grand, was president of our dear land

Eight troubled years, then Adams (John) preceded Thomas Jefferson.

He was elected twice, you know, like Madison and James Monroe.

John Quincy Adams, wise and firm, was next, then Jackson’s double term.

Van Buren ruled when times were bad; the death of Harrison was sad.

But Tyler came, his years to close, ere James K. Polk in turn arose.

Zack Taylor of the Texan war soon left his place to good Fillmore.

Pierce and Buchanan both held sway while slavery questions ruled the day.

That storm cloud burst while Lincoln steered the “ship of state” whose wreck he feared;

Scarcely had he brought it safe to port when crime his second term cut short.

Johnson was therefore forced, though loath, to take the presidential oath.

Grant of our nation twice was head, ere to the White House Hayes was led.

When Garfield’s pain was ‘o’er at last, his power to Chester Arthur passed.

Next Cleveland and Ben Harrison, whose place again firm Cleveland won.

McKinley now rules land and main and all the islands torn from Spain.

Teddy (Roosevelt) forged the (Panama) Canal while Taft reformed the dollar well.

Wilson’s stint gave women vote, but Harding’s term left little of note.

With Coolidge came the “Twenties” progress; then Hoover’s Great Depression regress.

FDR’s New Deal plan gave many Americans hope again.

Clouds covered much of man when Truman decided to nuke Japan.

Ike held the Soviet Union in control; Johnson put Medicare on a roll.

Nixon’s scandal caused leave, please note; Ford followed him without a vote.

For Carter, human rights were tough; actor Reagan proved he was not fluff!

GHW Bush claimed USSR’s fall, the Gulf War and a father of a presidential star.

Clinton’s Baby Boomer realm precipitated GW Bush’s stint at helm.

Obama rules the land today. Who’s next? Well, who can say?

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