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NDSU Extension Service, Published November 12 2013

NDSU releases Elgin-ND hard red spring wheat

2014 marks the first year that Elgin-ND, a hard red spring wheat variety from North Dakota State University, will be available for general distribution to commodity growers. Elgin-ND's attributes are yield, quality and disease protection.

Elgin-ND has high yield potential. According to North Dakota variety trial

results for 2012, Elgin-ND's yield beat five of the top six most popular

varieties for the year in eastern North Dakota. The average yield in 2012 for Elgin-ND across eastern North Dakota locations was 62.6 bushels per acre, compared with 58.2 bushels for Barlow, the variety with the most acres planted in the state.

In addition to yield, protein levels of Elgin-ND are very good. Glenn is known for its quality and high protein, but Elgin-ND's protein rivals it. In 2011, Elgin-ND had a higher average protein level (16.6 percent) than Glenn (16.5 percent). The average protein for Elgin-ND in 2010 through 2011 was 15.6 percent, which was just less than 0.1 percent below that of Glenn, but higher than Barlow's 14.8 percent and Faller's 14.3 percent.

Elgin-ND has a good disease resistance package, including resistance to

prevalent leaf and stem rusts. It has protection against the new leaf rust race Lr21, although it still shows some susceptibility. Most commercial varieties available do not have resistance to leaf rust race Lr21. Elgin-ND also is moderately resistant/susceptible to scab.

The hard red spring wheat breeding program at NDSU developed Elgin-ND. It is widely adapted to the spring wheat region of North Dakota.

"As producers consider what to plant next year, they should take a look at

Elgin-ND," says Dale Williams, North Dakota Foundation Seedstocks director.

"Three of the most important characteristics wheat growers are looking for

include yield, quality and disease protection, which Elgin-ND possesses."

Elgin-ND is protected under the Plant Variety Protection Act with Title V. Only certified seed may be sold legally. Certified seed of Elgin-ND is available from most North Dakota county increase programs. Contact your local county NDSU Extension Service agent to ask about obtaining seed.

Elgin-ND is named after the city of Elgin in southwestern North Dakota.