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Jim Grier, Hawley, Minn., Published November 11 2013

Letter: Try to avoid polarizing fight

There is a proposed conservation ballot measure being developed in North Dakota and a coalition forming to oppose it, according to recent news accounts. As well as I can determine, the disagreements are not so much about conservation per se but about some of the details of the proposal.

My guess is that there is otherwise a lot of common ground favoring conservation between the two “sides.” North Dakotans, regardless of age, gender, background, occupation or interests, are almost universally proud of the state’s beauty and natural heritage.

Rather than becoming polarized and wasting a lot of time, effort, money and emotional energy, plus generating hard feelings, over a ballot measure that has problems, why can’t the different groups get together to iron out the differences, develop something that is acceptable to all, and move forward with that – rather than, and before, having a knock-’em-down, drag-’em-out ballot battle?