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Larry Larsen, Mandan, N.D., Published November 11 2013

Letter: Manufactured crises stir anger and chaos

American icon and actor John Wayne, on the election of Catholic John F. Kennedy in 1960 said, “I didn’t vote for him, but he’s my president and I hope he does a good job.” Rush Limbaugh, on the inauguration of African-American Barack Obama in 2009 said, “I hope he fails,” then he and his followers began to scheme.

Last month’s self-serving, tea party-authored government shutdown and debt-ceiling crisis has me very angry. My attitude is a result of the stress and anxiety the blackmailing, hostage-taking GOP put my fellow seniors and I through by initially refusing to increase the debt ceiling, thereby suspending Social Security for an undetermined length of time with the resultant chaos it would cause to our lives. For some seniors, Social Security is their only monthly income.

What did we get from the government shutdown/debt ceiling crisis? $24 billion more in debt, delayed paychecks to hard-working Americans, worldwide embarrassment and alarm. Has the “party of no” apologized for what they did? No! Will they? No! Are they plotting to do it again? Yes!

Since I am unable to punish the national GOP politicians (Cruz, Boehner, etc.), who are threatening to do it again, I am forced to do it locally. I will not vote for any Republican candidate, no matter how qualified they are, until their party becomes more moderate, pro-growth, tolerant, empathetic of the unfortunate and less rigid. Call it “trickle-down voting.”

Polling indicates most Americans feel like I do.