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Alyssa Anderson, Fargo, Published November 06 2013

Letter: Jeb Bush article was disgraceful

I don’t know what journalist Dave Olson is talking about or where he was for the eight years of 2000-08 or the remaining damage that looms from those years, but to call the Bush family a successful political family is not only very foolish, naive and downright laughable but hurtful to family members who lost loved ones under George W. Bush’s self-serving wars (Forum, Nov. 1).

Bush’s presidency was anything but and far from successful; in fact, he has been proven over and over to be the worst president ever in the history of the United States. His father did not do much better of a job.

I don’t care if a person is Democrat, independent or Republican, George W. Bush is the worst thing that has happened to America in the past decade and a half. He and Vice President Dick Cheney disgraced America, did not handle things like a president and vice president should and were not thinking of the families of those who went to their self-serving wars. By 2008, they racked up nearly 5,000 deaths due to their wars and $15 trillion, spending our entire surplus – plus money that we didn’t have – like an invisible credit card.

I know Republicans who admit that voting for both Bush Sr. and Jr. was the biggest mistake they ever made. So I would reconsider calling them a success, and don’t think Jeb Bush has the right to point fingers at President Barack Obama and call him a disaster.