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Kathy Davidson, West Fargo, Published October 28 2013

Letter: County coroner situation suggests appalling lack of respect for dead

Oh my God. No Cass County Coroner’s Office? I was sick to my stomach after reading the Oct. 20 article. Kristie Ross, you are way above being a hero, and I’m sure it is not in your job description to open up your family home and use your family car because there is no place to put the bodies.

Thanks, Boulger Funeral Home, for helping her; however, this should not be put on you to help her store bodies.

To County Commissioner Chad Peterson, who balked at the price of using the old SunMart/CVS building: Don’t “balk” too long. God forbid you should ever have to ride in Ross’ trunk and then spend the night in her home until someone can find space for you. I hope that makes you feel as sick as I was when I read that the Cass County commissioners had not put that in their budget and that you would have to “think about it.”

The county has operated under budget for 11 years for our coroners and offered no benefits. You say, “We need to think about it?” When? How about saving the money it takes to send a body to Bismarck for determining cause of death.

I can’t believe Ross has been doing this for Cass County. We owe her back rent for the use of her family home and her family car, which, by the way, is very unsanitary with bodies and bodily fluids. And don’t forget the homicide cases – handling of the body needs special care and is critical in an investigation.

I don’t mean to leave out Dr. John Baird. He has been county coroner since 1983. We are a large county. The bodies they need to deal with are about 250 requiring investigations.

County Commissioner Mary Scherling says, “We don’t need our own morgue.” Maybe you would like to open up your home or drive your own car to a murder scene. Do you have a spare bedroom?

“We need to think about it.” You better start, it’s 2013, not 1913.

I am embarrassed that we have no respect for the death of a human being, that they have nowhere to go (homeless?).

Thank you, investigator Ross and Dr. Baird.