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James Payton, Fargo, Published October 26 2013

Letter: Holier-than-thou crowd of hypocrites

In response to Joe Hendrickx’s Oct. 15 letter, “The right to take on sidewalk bullying”:

I find the hypocrisy of Hendrickx and the holier-than-thou crowd astounding. These people are harassing women outside the Red River Woman’s Clinic, while just last year a court of appeals in Colorado upheld a judgment in which a hospital owned by Catholic Health Initiatives (which operates under the guiding dogma of the Catholic Church) successfully argued in court that a fetus was not a person; therefore no malpractice had occurred when the fetus died due to a doctor’s alleged negligence.

So how does this work? A fetus is a person on Sundays when you pass the collection plate around, but not in court when a civil lawsuit is brought against a Catholic entity? Money makes the world go ’round, I guess.

Hendrickx noted sarcastically in his letter how “humorous” he found some alleged juvenile antics targeted at the sidewalk bullies. Well, I will leave the sarcasm out and note that I am dumbfounded at the thought that some individuals attempting to assert moral superiority still follow and support a church that was widely shown to have covered up child sexual abuse (sometimes for decades) committed on a massive scale by its clergy members.

Perhaps the individuals involved in the 40 Days for Life campaign should start by critically looking inward at their own beliefs and the churches they support and attend. Think before you act indeed.