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Jason Quaife, Moorhead, Published October 26 2013

Letter: Tea party unfairly portrayed

Contrary to what the national media and even some local columnists, such as The Forum’s Jane Ahlin, would have you believe, tea party members, or as some would call tea baggers, do not hate all government. We just hate the government that racks up $17 trillion debts; makes laws “we the people” must abide by but exempts themselves from those very same laws; spies on its citizens without federal warrants; sends guns to Mexican drug lords, which are later used in murders, including one of our own Border Patrol agents; and uses the IRS to harass political enemies.

Back in 2010, the Democrats’ almost supermajority came to a crashing halt. It was the largest political swing in 60 years. Establishment Democrats and Republicans were ousted by businessmen, veterans, housewives – you know, nonpoliticians. The absolute horror of it was overwhelming to the establishment. Since then, war has been declared. Of course the top levels of government will plead ignorance. On Feb. 15, Dr. Ben Carson a well-known neurosurgeon, gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which he was critical of the president and the government. Lo and behold, shortly thereafter he was the subject of an IRS audit.

Sharyl Attkisson, a reporter for CBS who was doing a story on Fast & Furious, had her personal emails searched and computer hacked. Since 2010, the media (including many local talk-show hosts and columnists) have been on an all-out blitzkrieg to write or say the words tea party, radical, racist, Nazi, anarchist in the same sentence. About 60 percent of this country pays no attention to politics. Ask the average college student who the secretary of defense is and they’ll have no clue. Ask them which side we are on in the Syrian conflict and why and I’ll bet nine out of 10 can’t name the president of Syria, let alone why the politicians want to get us involved.

But they hear or read KFGO radio’s Mike McFeely, Joel Heitkamp and The Forum’s Ahlin repeat time and again: tea party, radical, crazy, wacko. You can’t go a week without seeing a cartoon depicting the anarchist tea party movement in The Forum.

The establishment breathed a huge sigh of relief in 2012. It worked, the low-information voters turned out just enough to protect the establishment. But the propaganda war is on for 2014 and beyond.