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Dave Knudson, Fargo, Published October 20 2013

Letter: Try alternative plan for cooling

I really have zero expertise in air conditioning retrofitting, but the $10 million figure grabbed my attention.

Has anyone even considered the idea of window air conditioning units for these schools? Shooting strictly from the hip, I’ve got to believe we could purchase 1,000 pretty high-quality units for somewhere around $200 bucks apiece.

Even if I’m way off (and I don’t believe I am), say $500 each is the best deal we could swing – that still only comes up to half a million dollars. That would give us more than 150 air conditioning units per school (way too many) with 100 brand new ones to spare.

And realistically how often would they even be used? These schools have all been around for a long time and high temperatures in the fall have been, too. Yet I can’t seem to recall it ever being quite the crisis it was this year.

If you think any of my figuring makes sense, I would love to next get into how we can possibly spend $1.8 billion to build something that will lower a 100-year flood about a foot.