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Melvin Schramm, Carrington, N.D., Published October 19 2013

Letter: Debt limit tool to balance budget

I must respond to the letter from Charles Linderman (“Chance to make changes in 2014,” Oct. 13 Forum) because he agrees with President Barack Obama that raising the debt limit does not increase the debt. Do they really think the American people are that stupid? Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling so the government can borrow more money. If they didn’t want to borrow more money, why would they need to raise the debt limit?

Since Linderman is a farmer, he should remember back in the mid-’80s when the farming financial picture was very poor. Many farmers went to their lenders year after year to increase their line of credit so they could borrow more money the next year. Finally the lenders told some farmers, “this is the end; either you change something or you will be out of business.” Many farmers were forced to liquidate. The same thing will happen to the government when they reach the point where it can’t borrow anymore because of unbridled spending.

If Obama was any kind of a leader, he would push for a balanced budget amendment to keep spending in line with income. Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, is to blame for never conducting an audit on the military, homeland security, education or any other government entities to see where their money goes.

It would be nice if Linderman could tell us of a successful business that doesn’t add up its income and expenses at the end of the year.

He also says all the U.S. House seats will be on the ballot next year, which is correct. But we also know the first thing a Democrat says after they are elected is that they are for abortion and same-sex marriage!