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Gary Otnes, Fergus Falls, Minn., Published October 15 2013

Letter: Griggs County gets it just right

How refreshing. After five politicians in the form of the Griggs County (N.D.)County Commission were voted out for not wanting to do what the public demanded, i.e., do not build a new courthouse, they were voted out. How grand. Finally the public spoke.

To this end, considering the enormous stupidity and massive egos of the Washington politicians, all I can say is, at the next election: dump the incumbents. Now is the time to do this, for these pathetic simpletons, with their squalling and fussing over things any normal public adult intellect could easily handle, must be removed from office through voting.

I know that some voters will say they must support their favorite party, or that their favorite politician occasionally throws them a bone.

But now is not the time to play that disgusting game of politics. What we must do is show them that we are the bosses. If some people have favorite politicians, still dump them, then if one must, re-vote them in at a future election. At least the cheapos will realize that we are in control, not them.

This is so sad – all the shutdown of federal offices because of staggering egos and lockstep political games being played. This must stop, ladies and gentlemen, it must stop. We, the public, must take back our lives, and to do this we must dump the incumbents at the federal level. Voting out 100 percent of the Washington idiots now floundering about is paramount.

Let us please remember this when voting time rolls around.