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By Joe Hendrickx, Fargo, Published October 14 2013

Letter: The right take on sidewalk bullying

In regards to 40 Days for Life (which some of you may not be aware of, since no popular media talks about it, even though it means for 960 straight hours there are people praying in front of the abortion clinic in hopes of its closing – kind of a big deal), I find it very humorous that the “clinic” (Red River Women’s Clinic) posts a sign that says “Pray to End Sidewalk Bullying.”

Have the people who made that poster been outside on Wednesdays when the place is open? I have, and I’ve seen the pro-life people act like mature human beings and the pro-choice escorts slap their arms away when they’ve attempted to hand women pamphlets. There is bullying going on here, but not by the pro-lifers. So, yes, we shall pray to end sidewalk bullying.

Recently, some of the pro-life signs were stolen, and on another one that read, “Pray and Fast to end Abortion” the word “Abortion” was crossed out and in its place was written “Judgment.”

Again, very humorous. This is stating that the pro-life side is judging the pro-choice side for doing something wrong, right? So they’re telling a group of people that their actions are wrong? Which is wrong to do? Right? Hmm, but making the judgment that it’s wrong for people to judge others by telling them they’re wrong is ... right? Think before you act.