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Jerry S. Franek, Fargo, Published October 13 2013

Letter: For residents, expansion of Rosewood is essential

In response to the Sunday, Oct. 6, letter to the editor, “Rosewood plan bulldozes along” by Ray Gross, Fargo:

I was one of those people in a wheelchair he talked about. I would like to set the record straight about comments he made regarding a long eulogistic statement made by Rosewood’s CEO Tony Keelin.

About Keelin: A lot of people don’t realize what he does every day. He makes an appearance on all floors and checks on the day before. If there are any problems, residents always come first. He also has an open-door policy for residents. We are fortunate to have him as our administrator.

Gross also comments about a minimum increase cost of a 62-bed unit. What he fails to mention is Rosewood does not set rates; the state of North Dakota sets the rates based on needs and care.

I’d also like to make a point about the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation health care system. At the Fargo Planning Commission, they clarified their mission at Rosewood. It’s for the residents; the residents are not here for Rosewood. And it’s important for a resident like me, who has been here for 14 years.

Another point that Gross failed to mention in his letter was the “semi-private” rooms for two people. How can that be private? The rooms are so confined that you can reach out and touch your roommate; the only thing separating them is a thin curtain. I was in one of those rooms the better part of three years, so I know what I’m talking about. I don’t think anyone would want any of their loved ones to experience that type of living.

That is why I am in favor of a Rosewood expansion in order to give each resident the privacy and dignity they deserve.

As far as construction goes, the new Bethany on 42nd has just added a big addition to accommodate all the people who are going to need a nursing home. So we are fortunate here at Rosewood to be able to add on just a couple of floors to take care of the residents and to move them out of the small rooms and convert to larger private rooms.

There is such a misconception about what goes on in a nursing home. I invite anybody to come and see me, and I’d be happy to take them on a tour of the facility. I think it would influence them to see the functionality of a nursing home.

When this addition is completed and it’s landscaped with shrubbery and trees, I think the people who are against this will have a different outlook.

For the people who didn’t get to see the Fargo Planning Commission hearing, it will be re-broadcast on Channel 12; then they can judge for themselves about what was said.

And by the way, Gross was wrong about the number of votes he quoted when he stated it was 6-4. The correct vote was 6-3 to approve the rezoning and to add the new addition to Rosewood on Broadway.

Franek is a resident of Rosewood on Broadway, Fargo.