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Mallory Kuehl, Horace, N.D., Published October 12 2013

Letter: Sen. Ted Cruz got nothing done

The United States has never been unable to pay its debts. Government has been struggling to find a solution in order to maintain the previous statement. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, chose to speak for 21 hours, attacking Obamacare. Within this time, Cruz read Dr. Seuss, sang the praises of White Castle hamburgers, did a Darth Vader imitation and quoted the TV show “Duck Dynasty.”

This lengthy criticism was deemed a waste of time by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The continuing resolution needed to be passed and sent back to the House of Representatives very quickly. Cruz did not help to find a solution but rather pushed back the process. It is inexcusable that a Darth Vader imitation was necessary to carry out his opinion on Obamacare. Cruz vowed to speak until “I am no longer able to stand.” The point of his speech is not to drag out a possible resolution but to persuade others to take his side.

Singing songs and quoting the television is enough to say that Cruz did not accomplish gaining the overall opinion. He has only pushed back this country from finding a resolution to paying its debts.