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Mckayla Schiffner, West Fargo, Published October 12 2013

Letter: Make same-sex marriage legal

I have lived in North Dakota all my life, and I cannot figure out why same-sex marriage is not legal here. I do not understand why the state thinks it can tell someone who they can or cannot marry.

The biggest argument, I realize, is religion and the statement in the Bible that recognizes that homosexuality is wrong. But we should take into consideration that the Bible states that many other actions that are clearly legal are a sin, e.g., adultery. Why is it that this sin is not illegal? Why is premarital sex not made into a nationwide issue? Why are married people who have affairs not locked in jail for 10 years?

The logic against same-sex marriage, more often than not, is frayed. There really is no reason why the state can tell homosexuals they cannot get married because of the separation of church and state. So religion should not be the reason that same-sex marriage is banned in North Dakota.