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Chelsey Shutske, Fargo, Published October 09 2013

Letter: Appreciated act of kindness

About two weeks ago my husband and I purchased a couch from a seller on Craigslist. My husband was only able to find one guy to help us move it, and they easily were able to move it from the sellers’ home into our vehicle. However, getting it into our home proved a little more difficult. My husband and his friend got the couch up to the front door and quickly realized it was going to take some creative finesse to get the couch into our very narrow doorway. But with just the two of them weren’t sure how to make that happen.

So there they stood, with puzzled looks on their faces and a couch partially through the door and not moving any further, when all of the sudden we saw a man drive by very slowly looking our direction. He pulled over, parked his car, got out and began walking towards us. He came up our drive and asked if we needed any help. He then proceeded to be the extra set of hands we needed to twist and turn the couch just enough to get it moved into our house. Once the task was completed he told us to have a great evening and walked back to his car and continued on his way.

I felt the need to share this random act of kindness. Sometimes there are so many negative things in the news today, so many things to complain about and every now and then we all just need a positive and encouraging story to remind us that there still is a lot of positive in our world today. So much so, that a stranger saw us struggling and pulled over his car and took time out of his day to help people he didn’t even know, and to him I say, “Thank-you”.