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Wayne Rowe, Hillsboro, N.D., Published October 07 2013

Letter: Put responsibility where it belongs

I can’t believe the newspaper actually reported the story about Tide and the infant in the hospital.

It is really sad to know that parents of a 1-year-old child can’t accept the responsibility to care for that child and not keep items like Tide in a safe place. There is no possible way that any responsible adult should be allowed to suggest that the problem was caused by Tide because the product looks enticing to kids. The mother, aunt and grandmother of the child should all have their heads examined. Grow up, mom and ladies. A 1-year-old child will at any chance put anything they can into his or her mouth.

I think everyone that knows these women should be happy the child is in the hospital from eating soap. Who knows what else mom left around for the child to examine and taste?

Now, as far as The Forum goes – seriously, who had to put a story like this on the front page? Does the management of the newspaper also agree with the mother that Tide is at fault?