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Germaine Erbele, LaMoure, N.D., Published October 06 2013

Congressman Cramer short on the facts

In a column on Thursday, Sept. 26, in The Forum, Rep. Kevin Cramer made the following statement:

“Second, we closed a loophole that automatically extends food stamp benefits to anyone who so much as receives a government brochure or calls a toll-free hotline, regardless of their income or assets. This “categorical eligibility,” allows lottery winners and millionaires to receive food stamps. Our bill doesn’t change income requirements. It simply requires people to actually meet them in order to qualify.”

I thought I would check these facts out, so I called the Social Service departments in LaMoure, Stutsman and Barnes counties. None of them said that you could receive food stamps by sending for a brochure or registering online. If you are in need of SNAP, you need to come to the Social Service office in your county, have proof of your income (pay stub, taxes) and have a live interview. After that, you need to send in your pay stubs in order to continue to receive the benefit.

As for Theodore Roosevelt, he was a rich man due to his parents’ wealth. He attended Harvard. He came to North Dakota to overcome his grief at the loss of his wife and child. When he wrote, “We knew toil and hardship and hunger and thirst ...” I am sure that he knew that all he needed to do was go home to New York when things got bad. Not something hungry people who barely make enough to cover food, clothing and shelter can do.

Please, Rep. Cramer, check your facts before you make such outrageous statements! Don’t just restate the lies that the Republican Party if feeding you. Your constituents are not fools. As for all the social programs and the garbage that is coming from the House, they seem to be following the following statement: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” – Adolf Hitler