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Eric Peterson, Published October 04 2013

Q and A with Bison senior Cole Jirik

Q: What is your favorite sports movie?

A: “Mystery, Alaska.” I don’t know if many people have seen it. It’s a hockey movie. It’s outdoor hockey. I grew up playing hockey and I miss it a lot.

What was your favorite cartoon show as a kid?

Probably “Hey Arnold!” – kind of a different show. I just thought it was funny. (Arnold) had a big football head. I kind of enjoyed the show.

What is your idea of a good vacation?

Somewhere warm, maybe a beach or something. Just relax and not really doing anything besides sitting on the beach all day.

What two musical acts would you pick if you were going to put together a dream concert?

Probably Eric Church, I’m a big fan of Eric Church. Maybe Jason Aldean. I think they would work pretty well together.

What is your favorite social media platform?

Probably Twitter now. I don’t tweet a ton, but I like getting information off of it. It’s quick, fast information.

What is the best Christmas or birthday gift you have ever received?

When I turned 16, I got my first car. That was probably my best gift so far. I got a Dodge Charger … so that was very nice.

If you weren’t playing football, what other sport would you rather play?

I’d rather be playing hockey. I played it for 15 years growing up. I kind of miss it. I worked out at the hockey rink with the Fargo Force this year, so it brought back some hockey memories for me.

What is your favorite television show?

Probably “Duck Dynasty.” Me and Grant Olson, we get together every Wednesday and watch “Duck Dynasty.”