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Published October 06 2013


CONCORDIA NEWS: The following area students recently participated in Concordia Language Villages programs:

Aubrey Kay and Bronwyn Kay, daughters of Lisa Johnshoy, Moorhead, attended Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village located in Bemidji, Minn.

Elly Schaefer and Sam Schaefer, children of Steve and Terese Schaefer, Moorhead, attended Lago del Bosque, the Spanish Language Village located in Cass Lake, Minn.

Concordia Language Villages programs allow students to experience a simulated visit to another country.

The Villagers were issued passports, exchanged currency and adopted new names. By interacting with staff from all over the world, they also learned about the many opportunities available to those who speak more than one language.

They were immersed in the language and culture of another country through large and small learning groups, authentic foods, holiday celebrations, re-enactments of historic events, songs, dances, crafts, games and everyday conversations.

NDSU NEWS: The following area students recently participated in the White Coat Ceremony at North Dakota State University: Andrea Clarens, daughter of Richard and Ruth Clarens, Fargo; Krista Schulz, daughter of Larry and Rachel Thorson, West Fargo; Dillon Meyer, son of Russ and Beth Meyer, Fargo; Wyatt Martenson, son of Jeff and Paula Martenson, Battle Lake, Minn.; Jessica Swanson, daughter of Tim Fischer and Bev Sellner, Moorhead; and Dustin Haugen, son of Lee and Deborah Haugen, Fargo. During the ceremony, students took the oath of a pharmacist and were given a white coat symbolizing his or her duty to patients and colleagues as they enter the pharmacy profession.

Sara Eaton, daughter of Bob Eaton and Brenda Askelson, Fargo, has been admitted to North Dakota State University “with distinction.” Distinction means that NDSU is acknowledging Eaton as an honor student.

GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS: Haleigh T. Larson, a student at Fargo South High School, has been named a semifinalist in the 2014 National Achievement Scholarship Program. The program was established in 1964 to recognize academically promising black students and to provide scholarships to a substantial number of the most outstanding program participants. Winners will be announced in April.

Sam Quanbeck, a student at Park Christian School, has been named in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program. Although they will not continue in the 2014 competition for National Merit Scholarship awards, Commended Students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2014 competition by taking the 2012 preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

INTERNS AND PAGES: Absolute Marketing of Fargo has hired Katie Worral and Darius Montazemi as client relations interns and Robin Marquardt as a Web intern. Both seniors at North Dakota State University, Worral is majoring in public relations and advertising and Montazemi is majoring in marketing and entrepreneurial studies. Marquardt is a junior studying cinema arts and digital technologies at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

4-H NEWS: The following 4-H members were honored at the 2013 Recognition and Awards Celebration recently held in West Fargo:

Citizenship Washington Focus: Austin Rust, Harwood, N.D.

Above & Beyond Scholarship: Dacotah Faught, Arthur, N.D.

North Dakota Camp Award: Avery Breiland, Harwood; Alison Bugner, Davenport, N.D.; MiKayla Janssen, West Fargo; Katie Kempel, Casselton; Josie Mohror, Fargo; Brianna Mohs, Horace, N.D.; Jorian Russiff, Harwood; Jacob Sahl, Harwood; Emily Sahl, Harwood; Kariann Sahl, Harwood.

State 4-H Youth Conference: Emily Christmann, Kindred; Rachel Danielson, Fargo; Sheyenne Freitag, Walcott; Brittney Johnson, West Fargo; Bailey Schock, Kindred; MacKenzie Ste Marie.

Graduating 4-H Members: Charles Cummer, Mapleton; Dacotah Faught, Arthur; Jacob Lardy, West Fargo; Thomas Robinson, Fargo; Michaela Ste Marie, Fargo.

Cloverbud Awards (age 5): Elsa Axtman, Fargo; Aftyn Hahn, Casselton; Tannon Johnson, Kindred; Samuel Klemen, Harwood; Wyatt Kraft, Davenport; Kaden Liedberg, Fargo; Dylan Murray, Reiles Acres; Kale Pearson, Casselton; Harper Schultz, Reiles Acres; Reston Schultz, Reiles Acres; Ruth Schmidt, Fargo; Allesandra Simmons, Fargo; Gabbi Sturlaugson, West Fargo; Elizabeth Woodrich, Reiles Acres.

Cloverbuds (age 6): Marcus Biffert, Wheatland; Faith Bjerke, Mapleton; Ryker Bruesch, Amenia; Miranda Bruno, Horace; Myles Frueh, Argusville; Hale Gast, Fargo; Eva Grant, Fargo; Logan Hahn, Casselton; Kaitlyn Jones, Wheatland; Ben Jost, Fargo; Ben Klemen, Harwood; Lillie Knott, Page, N.D.; Amber Pyle, West Fargo; Lois Schneider, Casselton; Forrest Sears, Wheatland; Graclynn Sommerfeld, Embden, N.D.; Jarrett Steinmetz, Fargo; Amy Swanson, Arthur; Kay Tegtmeier, Grandin; Genevieve Wodrich, Reiles Acres.

Cloverbuds (age 7): Brett Baumgarten, Kindred; Hank Blegen, Kindred; Ella Erickstad, Horace; Natalie Evensen, Fargo; Afton Gast, Fargo; Garrett Haugen, Wheatland; Alexis Janssen, West Fargo; Mitchell Janssen, West Fargo; David Johnson, Fargo; Perrin Johnson, Kindred; Sarah Kempel, Casselton; Madison Kraft, Davenport; Kemper Pearson, Casselton; Abigail Perez, West Fargo; Nicholas Renner, Horace; Jana Russiff, Harwood; Jana Sather, Moorhead; Sydney Schertzer, West Fargo; Anakeya Steinmetz Fargo; Carson Sturlaugson, West Fargo; and Ellie Swanson, Arthur.

Rookie Awards: Linnea Axtman, Fargo; Taiton Axtman, Fargo; Phillip Bruno, Horace; Isabelle Chambers, Fargo; Reagan Chambers, Fargo; Erika Dalgliesh, Ayr, N.D.; Ashley Ebens, Davenport; Dawson Galde, Horace; Anastasia Gillund, West Fargo; Rachel Hagen, West Fargo; Amber Hermanson, West Fargo; Leah Jost, Fargo; Kiley Kvamme, Kindred; Mariah McPhee, West Fargo; Karin O’Leary, Fargo; Lilly Quern, West Fargo; Noah Roeber, West Fargo; Jacob Schneider, Casselton; Brianna Schock, Kindred; Jacob Schulz, Fargo; Jonathan Schulz, Fargo; Aidan Sears, Wheatland; Mia Severson, Gardner, N.D.; Lydia Stevenson, Horace; Jack Stoppleworth, Horace; Delana Thomas, Horace; Isabelle Wieseler, Gardner.

Clover Achievement Award: Victoria Aal, West Fargo; Parker Belgarde, Horace; Savannah Ehlers, Moorhead; Taylor Ehlers, Moorhead; Rachel Erickson, Fargo; Kooper Hahn Shagena, Horace; Paige Haugen, Wheatland; Madisen Heuer, West Fargo; Torina Home, Fargo; Tyler Marschke, Alice; Ryan Muscha, Casselton; Javana Steinmetz, Fargo; Jonah Stevenson, Horace; Nathaniel Walden, Argusville; and Wyat Warkenthien, Horace.

Young Achievers Award: Cayden Anderson, Horace; Anakin Bruesch, Amenia; Alexis Burke, West Fargo; Haley Dalgliesh, Ayr; Gracie Erickstad, Horace; Abigail Evensen, Fargo; Mason Faulkner, Fargo; Dallas Fureh, Argusville; Trever Grieger, Erie; Morgan Haugen, Horace; Autumn Kramer, Kindred; Skyler Manney, West Fargo; Cody Morrison, Hunter; Sam Radermacher, Wheatland; Maddie Robinson, Fargo; Julia Schneider, Casselton; Daryn Schultz, Reiles Acres; Laura Simmons, Fargo; Lahni Stachler, Kindred; Grace Stanke, West Fargo; Erica Stave, Casselton; Jalana Steinmetz, Fargo; and Natalie Tegtmeier, Grandin.

Junior Awards Trip: Astrid Axtman, Fargo; Preeti Chemiti, Fargo; Taylor Christensen, West Fargo; Mikayla Dodge, Davenport; Jolin Forness, West Fargo; Nishita Gaba, Fargo; Katelyn Galde, Horace; Hannah Gebeke, Arthur; Noelle Grant, Fargo; Dallas Haas, Page; Garrett Hubbard, Page; Hailey Jones, Wheatland; Andrea Simmons, Fargo; and Matthew Truax, Erie.

Purple Ribbon Achievement Award: Caleigh Anderson, Horace; Rachelle Amundson, Amenia; Pooja Chemiti, Fargo; Zachary Fraase, Casselton; Cody Freitag, Walcott; Peter Grieger, Erie; Carlie Kieffer, Wheatland; Theresa Klinnert, Kindred; Zach Kvamme, Kindred; Hananh LaGier, Mapleton; Brooke Little, Page; Hope Roeber, West Fargo; Anna Skarphol, Fargo; Anna Stoppleworth, Horace; and Violet Tegtmeier, Grandin.

Senior Awards Trip: Zoe Alvarez, Kindred; Ryder Belgarde, Horace; Chris Blegen, Colfax, N.D.; Cody Blegen, Colfax; Colton Christmann, Kindred; Jeffrey Donegan, Harwood; Kelsey Fraase, Casselton; Mackenzie Hoffer, Fargo; Jaelyn Lardy, West Fargo; Blake Lindemann, Harwood; Blake Little, Page; Kelsey Marschke, Alice; Michaela O’Leary, Fargo; Derek Phelps, Fargo; and Joshua Russiff, Harwood.

Sweatshirt Award: Arianna Alvarez, Kindred; Sierra Amundson, Amenia; Patrick Donegan, Harwood; Kaleen Krueger, Casselton; Jarrett Lardy, West Fargo; Thomas Robinson, Fargo; Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace; Anna Truax, Erie; and Michael Truax, Erie.

Award of Excellence: Megan Badinger, Fargo; Cole Cummer, Mapleton; Allison Eberhardt, Casselton; Zach Gebeke, Arthur; Luke Grant, Fargo; Kendra Karl, Harwood; and Grace Robinson, Fargo.

The Letterman Award: Mikayla Cramer, Amenia; Harshita Gaba, Fargo; Ean Grieger, Erie; Ethan Kieffer, Wheatland; Jacob Lardy, West Fargo; and Brooke Levos, Chaffee.

Platinum Achievement: Bryan Cramer, Amenia; Charles Cummer, Mapleton; Jenni Moore, Arthur; and Michaela Ste Marie, Fargo.

One Year Leaders: Deneen Axtman, Erika Berg, Fargo; Victoria Chambers, Fargo; Chelsea Gartner, Moorhead; Brenda Jo Gillund, West Fargo; Holly Halvorson, Fargo; Leah Hubbard, Page; Kathy Karl, Harwood; Darcy Lies, Horace; Keithann Little, Page; Kevin McPhee, West Fargo; Shelly McPhee, Vishnu Parvathareddy, Fargo; Brent Quem, West Fargo; Melissa Quem, West Fargo; Gary Truax, Erie; Scott Walden, Argusville; and Jaclynn Wallette, West Fargo;

Three Year Leaders: Sarah Baumgarten, Kindred; Colleen Bruesch, Amenia; Sarah Grant, Fargo; Mindy Grant deHerrera, West Fargo; Lavonne Horton, Fargo; Margaret Klindworth¸ Fargo; Kevin Kvamme, Kindred; Tayna Kvamme, Kindred; Kari Mohs, Horace; Jennifer Nygaard, Argusville; Don Russiff, Harwood; Mary Sahl, Harwood; Susan Schneider, Casselton; Todd Sears, Wheatland; Renae Simmons, Fargo; Valerie Stevenson, Horace; Dawn Walden, Argusville; and Nicki Zurn, Walcott.

Five Year Leaders: Kerry Hauff, Hunter; Shelia Hoffer, Fargo; Jackie Schultz, Reiles Acres; and Kathryn Truax, Erie.

Ten Year Leaders: Renae Amundson, Amenia; Kim Belgarde, Horace; Cheryl Donegan, Harwood; Stanna Flom, Argusville; Denise Stoppleworth, Horace.

Fifteen Year Leader: Jill Moore, Arthur; and Dale Rust, Harwood.

“Namedroppers” is an occasional Sunday column featuring neighborhood and community news. Contact Angie Wieck at (701) 241-5501 or email her at awieck@forumcomm.com to find out how to submit your news and accomplishments.