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LaurelLee Loftsgard, Published October 02 2013

Impact the World: Find confidence by finding yourself

It’s hard to describe confidence.

Is it an extremely outgoing person, someone who’s willing to try anything or someone who’s comfortable with themselves and their looks?

Being the Google nerd I am, I searched “How to be confident.”

As I’m sure you can guess, about a million-and-a-half different links popped up, each promising to teach me the secret to confidence.

After reading through the first few articles, trying to decipher what simple steps were the key, I realized there are so many different articles because there are no set rules to being more confident.

There’s only being more “you.”

For me, it’s taming my insecurities, not caring about what other people think and being satisfied with my best.

For my friend, it’s speaking up for herself, having her own voice and asking for what she wants.

For someone else, it could be leaving the job they hate to pursue something they love; or maybe it’s fighting for the one they love.

Confidence comes in all forms, but I think it’s really being who you want to be.

If you want your voice heard more, speak up. If you want to make more friends, go out.

I love the quote from the singer Pink – partially because I’m a celebrity nut – because it rings true.

She made her acting debut in the movie “Thanks for Sharing” this month, but she didn’t take the role because she thinks she’s an actress. She did it to overcome a fear.

“My whole thing is be fearless. If something scares you, do it,” Pink said.

For her, that’s being confident.

While there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules to boost your confidence, here are some tips that could give you a jump-start:

- Embrace your interests and the things at which you excel.

- Do something for yourself every day that makes you feel good.

- Don’t be afraid to speak up.

- Accept compliments.

- Take risks.

LaurelLee Loftsgard is a multimedia producer at The Forum and director of operations of Women’s Impact. She writes her weekly “Impact the World” columns to inspire women to make a difference in themselves and those around them. Readers can reach her at laurellee@womensimpact.org.