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Ervin Miller, Fargo , Published September 28 2013

Letter: Time for new age of enlightenment

Time for new age of enlightenment

By Ervin Miller, Fargo

It is obvious why the ultraright of the Republican Party is fighting so hard to defeat liberalism when it comes to public policy. They are afraid us common people will wake up and realize the power we have at the ballot box. Their singular mission is a fixed obsession with making more money by exploiting us common folks (peasants and serfs) by making public policy that favors only them.

Many members of Congress are very wealthy people and are mostly making public policy to protect the aristocracy to which they belong. I would admonish us common people to educate ourselves about becoming a coalition that stands up to the powerful ultraright that manipulates so as to keep us down.

We need a new Age of Enlightenment (power to the people) to strive for a level playing field so we too can have a greater chance at opportunity that is part of our American dream. We might recall the French Revolution, when the masses (peasants and serfs) would no longer tolerate the exploitation by the aristocracy.

I can just visualize the tremendous influence a coalition of working people (blue collar, white collar, men, women, unions, mothers, poor, unemployed) could have on public policy that favors them, too. What are we waiting for?