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Eric Peterson, Published September 27 2013

Senior spotlight with Bison cornerback Marcus Williams

If there was a movie made about your life, what actor would you want to play you?

I’d say Jamie Foxx just because that’s my favorite actor, and everything he does, I love. Like his music and his movies.

What’s your favorite sports movie?

“Remember the Titans” just because of the true story and the background of the movie.

What is your favorite social media platform?

Definitely Twitter. I tweet all the time. I haven’t tweeted this fall camp, but other than that, I’m tweeting.

What was your favorite cartoon character as a kid?

Growing up, I was definitely a Bugs Bunny type of guy because he was a clown, and he was pretty funny.

If you could pick any two musical acts for your dream concert, who would you pick?

Garth Brooks and Jay-Z. They’re the best at what they do.

What is your favorite jersey color to wear?

I like the white jerseys a lot. We wore them in the championship game. I just feel like on the road, it looks good on us.

What is the best Christmas or birthday gift you have ever received?

Just being with family, really, any time I can go home and just spend time with my family, that is probably my favorite gift.

What is your idea of a good vacation?

Going somewhere warm and just laying out on the beach, relaxing.

What is something most people would not know about you?

I’m an older brother. I love taking care of my sisters. I love them to death. I have three sisters.

What is the proudest moment of your athletic career?

When I committed to NDSU, I knew this place was going to bring greatness to my life, and that’s what it’s done, and that’s what it’s brought me.

If you weren’t playing football, what other sport would you want to play?

I would definitely try to play basketball somewhere. That was my first sport that I loved.