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Richard Schwoch, Dilworth, Published September 16 2013

Letter: Cartoon a misrepresentation of the history of Republicans

On Sept. 5, The Forum published a syndicated political cartoon by David Horsey that reflected conservatives as “being on the wrong side of history, which is a family tradition.” I understand that if one repeats a false statement enough times people will believe it.

He states that conservatives historically were on the wrong side of history on slavery as they did not want to free the slaves, on child labor laws, women’s voting rights, civil rights and universal health care, etc.

He (Horsey) mentioned history, so let’s look at history on a couple of those he listed. Seeing how history is a family tradition, I wonder who is on the wrong side.

• Slavery: It was in January 1854 that Steven Douglas (Democrat) submitted to Congress the Kansas-Nebraska act. This act would have expanded slavery into Kansas and Nebraska. It is because of this act that the Republican Party was formed and Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican president. This led to the Civil War and freedom of the slaves and also to the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which granted them citizenship. So, when Horsey said that (conservative) Grandpa didn’t want to free slaves, it was just the opposite. The (liberals) or Democrats didn’t want to free the slaves; they wanted to expand slavery.

If (Horsey) or anyone else wants to check history, you will find out that it was the Democrats who formed the Ku Klux Klan, which became their right arm for terrorist acts against anyone who opposed them.

• Women’s suffrage and voting rights: In January 1917, women began to picket the White House for equal rights, known as the “women’s suffrage movement.” On Aug. 28, 1917, while picketing the White House, 28 women were arrested. By November 1917, there were 218 arrested and jailed. President Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) was against women getting the right to vote. Under much political pressure, he finally gave in and supported their rights. Then on Aug. 19, 1920, Congress passed the 19th Amendment, which gave voting rights to women.

And, yes, I am against Obamacare (universal health care). It goes against the fundamentals and foundation that our great country was founded. It puts government in charge of my health care instead of my doctor and me.

Our Founding Fathers must have been wrong, too, because they were more conservative than almost anyone today.