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Mike Myhre, Fargo, Published September 15 2013

Letter: Hey you clowns: Look at the minimum wage

‘Hoeven another liberal?” asked the Jim Hanson commentary in the Aug. 18 Forum.

Hanson says, “there was recently a special report done on the ease of obtaining food stamps and fraud involved. In four short years, there are 70 million more people on food programs.”

I don’t know about 70 million, but what does that tell you? I do know you right-wingers are either lying through your teeth or don’t have a clue what’s going on when talking about fraud. It’s been proved over and over that there is less than 1 percent fraud in the food stamp program.

Why don’t you look at the great minimum wage you clowns want to get rid of. Wow. A whole $7.25 an hour. You think that’s too high? Wrong.

It’s been figured out that it would take a family of four (both spouses) working at $14 an hour each just to live a decent life.

How much does the top 2 percent make? A lot of them don’t even pay any taxes. They steal the American Dream from the rest of us and we (the people) pay their taxes for them in one way or another. Pretty good isn’t it: We help pay their taxes; they pay us slave wages and benefits.

How about a living wage, food stamps, single payer health care and better schooling. That’s what liberals want.

What would Jesus say?

You middle-class supporters must really love getting your own throats cut by right-wing politicians and false religious leaders.