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By Ken Sims, Moorhead, Published September 15 2013

Letter: Democrats have lost their way

When I was young, my parents were Democrats because Democrats were regular people, like store clerks, factory workers, farmers and mechanics. Democrats were for the “little guy.” They were honest, ordinary people. However, much has changed in the past 50 years. What happened to the Democratic Party that my parents were so loyal to?

Today, members of the Democratic Party believe in a liberal or progressive philosophy. At the core of liberalism is the concept that only big government can guarantee social justice for all Americans. Under President Barack Obama, social justice has become social welfare. Liberalism has made people more dependent on government. Liberalism is really only concerned about one thing – government control of our lives and our families.

You often hear that the Democratic Party is leading the fight to end poverty. Have you noticed that poverty in America is at an all-time high? The causes of poverty are complex, but a key element of it is the destruction of the family, an increase in out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and fatherlessness. Liberal government policies have done everything to separate and weaken the family.

Obama said in a recent speech that the chemical warfare in Syria is a crime against humanity. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp repeated those words in a recent statement. Yet these same Democrats have no problem supporting one of the greatest crimes against humanity of our time – abortion.

The Democratic Party supports redefining marriage, which has also weakened the family. The vote in Minnesota to allow gay marriage was the work of Democrats. The mayor of Minneapolis recently went to Chicago to promote Minnesota’s new same-sex marriage law. He said it could bring in millions of dollars to Minnesota. Is that why it was so important? By the way, this law does affect my family. It affects all of society.

And then there’s Obamacare with its anti-conscience mandate that requires employers to facilitate and provide for coverage of abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization. This requirement is in direct conflict with our religious freedom. Family businesses, religious charities, schools and hospitals that do not comply with the mandate will be penalized with continuous fines. This mandate was voted into law by Democrats.

This new “progressive” Democratic Party is not the same one my parents were so loyal to. I think they need to re-examine their priorities. Maybe go back to representing the “little guy’ again.