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Jessica Kerns, Hopkins, Minn., Published September 14 2013

Letter: ‘Fargo nice’ sold for $3?

To the people of Fargo: I have known you all for 27 years.

Having family here, I have made many visits for holidays, marathons, air shows and just to visit. Over this past weekend, however, I have seen a side of Fargo that I didn’t think existed. I was here to attend the funeral of one of Fargo’s very respected men, Roger Kerns. His funeral was packed with people praising his accomplishments, achievements and personality. However, my experience outside of this has really made me question Fargo.

I was staying at a hotel across from the Fargodome. I watched parents let their child ruin the experience for others, but most disappointing, I came back to my hotel and found no parking to exist. I asked the front desk why there were not enough spots for the hotel guests, and she informed me that people attending the concert didn’t want to pay $3 in parking so they parked at the hotel instead to walk across the street. Three dollars – that is all parking cost. You would likely spend that much on a single soda at the event, but you will not pay that to park your car?

Coming from the Twin Cities, and even having the opportunity to travel the country, $3 is a bargain. In most cities, that won’t even cover the cost for one person to take public transit to an event in the city. While you may argue that everyone is trying to save money these days, you probably should not have forked out all that money to attend the concert if you felt it economically challenging to spend the $3 in parking.

Did you think about the people staying at the hotel, how some were here for reasons other than the concert? People are here to celebrate weddings and births, be with family, be here for events of sadness. Did you realize that your refusal to pay the $3 would affect others? Did you think of the individuals like myself who had just lost their grandfather and couldn’t even park their vehicle because you didn’t want to spend $3? That isn’t a lot of money and definitely something that shouldn’t be even a matter of question to pay.

When you go to Starbucks or Caribou, I suspect that drink you order costs at least $4 and lasts less than a hour for just yourself. So explain to me why $3 for yourself and others to park for several hours is such a nuisance?

People of Fargo, Taylor Swift fans, you have let me down, but you have the opportunity to change this. Next time you think of doing this, think of all those you are affecting and try to bring back that “Fargo nice” that I have known all of my life.