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Jon Erdmann, Fargo, Published September 14 2013

Letter: Dance team gone? What is going on?

It was a pleasant day in Fargo, and I happily got online to read the news. This article in the NDSU paper caught my attention:

“NDSU dance team removed from sidelines”

Seriously? This can’t be real. Is this April Fools’ Day in September?

As a North Dakota State University alumnus and avid fan, I’m utterly disappointed in the decision to ban the extremely talented, hard-working, back-to-back national champion dance team from NDSU sporting events. Along with the back-to-back national champion football team, no other “team” or “student organization” represents NDSU in a better light than our dance team. Bison and North Dakotans are known for being kind, hardworking, dedicated, salt-of-the-earth people. The dance team is just that.

More troubling than the ban, it seems, is there is no real reason for this ban. In the article, Hilary Haugeberg is quoted as saying, “It was basically just a lot of confusion between what is an organization and what is covered under athletics, so that’s why they’re not going to be performing anymore.” This cannot be the reason for the ban. As I understand it, the NDSU Gold Star Marching Band is also a “student organization,” and I know they will not be banned from performing (nor would anyone want that).

Why is confusion between an organization and a sport a problem? Do they get certain benefits by being in one category and not another? Is there a rule that organizations cannot attend athletic games/practice at the BSA? If so, what is the purpose of this rule?

I can only assume, now, that there is some sort of personal or political issue against the team by undisclosed “higher-ups” at NDSU. I’m shocked. I’m embarrassed. I feel sad for these girls who work so hard only to be treated so unfairly.

So far, there is no official response from NDSU. Why is that? What’s going on here? Why isn’t the NDSU administration working to change/clarify rules so that the dance team can perform?

At this point, I don’t care what the response is. I just want the dance team where they belong, back on the sidelines!