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Polly Musacchia, Fargo, Published September 13 2013

Letter: Great thinkers endured the heat

In response to The Forum’s Sept. 3 “Leafy Spurge” editorial:

Are you seriously trying to make the argument that all the great thinkers and inventors in this country who are responsible for putting a man on the moon, giving us antibiotics and the host of other things we live with every day, only were able learn on ideal days when the weather was perfect?

I would contend that the reason they were successful was they learned perseverance through trying situations and did not give up when things were less than perfect.

I am also not impressed when you use the term “hot boxes” to foster an image in people’s minds of children sitting in windowless rooms with no circulation and sweat dripping down their face. This is a gross exaggeration intended to scare parents into submission.

Cathleen Flaherty’s letter about starting school a bit earlier, letting kids out by noon and putting fans in the room was a reasonable idea. I would add that not having lunch that day to reduce the amount of heat from ovens in the kitchen and canceling gym would also be reasonable ideas.

This would require principals and teachers to get to the school earlier to open windows and let the cooler air in order to get the room prepared for the day. I would think they might prefer that over staying later every day for three months.

But to say kids cannot learn because things aren’t perfect is utter nonsense, and exemplifies what is wrong with our school system and not what is right.