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By Rachel Thomas, Fargo, Published September 12 2013

Letter: It’s all about safety of a child

Although they won’t likely believe me, I would like to let the individuals driving on 40th Avenue South between 25th Street South and 36th Street South know that I am not purposely trying to annoy them or incite their rage when I refuse to let them pass my vehicle on the right while I wait to make a left-hand turn. I am not trying to police the roadways, and I get no satisfaction in delaying them.

The reason I don’t crowd the center line, allowing room to pass me on the right, is because my 3-year-old daughter’s car seat is installed in the backseat on the passenger’s side of my car and the thought of another vehicle squeezing by (without hardly slowing down, it seems) so close to her is unsettling. I put her car seat in that location so when I parallel park I can access her without standing in the roadway, and because the make and model of my vehicle does not allow me to secure her specific car seat in the center of the backseat. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Also, at my particular turn there’s a crosswalk – how do they know there’s not a pedestrian crossing the street in front of my vehicle? And isn’t passing on the right without a designated passing lane illegal?

Regardless of their motivation, it’s important to me that they know I am not intentionally trying to anger them, and I do apologize for the extra minute or two that they’re delayed getting to their destination. In addition, they should note the gestures and yelling (although mostly inaudible to me) aren’t necessary and just make noise (in their vehicle) and waste their energy. That’s what I tell my 3-year-old when she starts throwing a tantrum, anyway.