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John W. Johnson, Warren, Minn., Published September 09 2013

Letter: Republicans miss their target

The Republican National Committee has targeted 7th District Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., as one lawmaker they would like to unseat in 2014. They have put out some ads attacking him, and by the tone of the ads, you can tell they were produced by the RNC in Washington and not locally in Minnesota.

The ad points out that Peterson has served in Congress too long. Perhaps a fair point, as I am one who generally favors term limits for all elected officials. The ad does not point out any specificity of his voting record, which also could be legitimate.

Where the ad loses credibility is when it states that “Collin Peterson is out of touch with his constituency.” Whoa, that is certainly not the case. He is in touch with the voters in his district. Why else would he be re-elected by wide margins in the second-most conservative district in the state?

His votes on certain issues, including Obamacare, certainly antagonized the “lefties,” and some votes inflame the “radical right.” But his voting record, by in large, represents the majority within his district, especially on farm policies, where he is the ranking member of the House from his party.

The targeting of Peterson by the RNC is certainly within the parameters of our democratic process. But check the facts, or all credibility is lost.