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Published September 08 2013

Forum editorial: Walleye poachers get spurge

LEAFY SPURGE: To the several anglers who were nabbed at Devils Lake, N.D., and fined by North Dakota Game & Fish officers for having too many walleyes in possession. The out-of-state anglers were accused of “double-dipping,” whereby they would catch their limits, store the fish on shore, then go back out and illegally catch and keep more. The limit violations were serious and underscore a problem on the state’s good walleye lakes. In addition to the illegality, it is difficult for the understaffed enforcement arm of the department to police the vast expanses of the state’s waters. So, let’s give prairie roses to the team that made the arrests. Wardens say double-dipping is relatively commonplace, not only among out-of-state anglers. Too bad. Devils Lake and other walleye lakes have plenty of fish. Fishing has been excellent. There is no need to violate the state’s generous daily catch and possession limits.

PRAIRIE ROSES: To members of the Dr. Jon Norberg jury, who several days ago cleared the Fargo doctor of all charges and then signed a letter to the appropriate authorities asking that Norberg’s license to practice medicine be fully restored. Whatever one feels about the jury’s verdict, it is unusual and curiously revealing when 11 members of a 12-person jury write and send such a letter, which is a public document. It is not unusual for a juror or two to talk about a verdict after a trial, but the Norberg jury’s action was a surprise to prosecutors and defense attorneys. If nothing else, their letter provides rare insights into the workings of a jury, and that’s useful information.

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