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Chuck Goyette, Red Lake Falls, Minn., Published September 06 2013

Letter: Gather courage to say ‘enough!’ to corporate control of our lives

In 1996, Ralph Nader had this to say about the rapidly growing hi-tech world: “To be sure, the information age has produced much information. We are inundated with data and information, less so with knowledge, even less with judgment and almost not at all with wisdom. Millions of information specialists never get past the information stage, and a few who deal with the next stages of knowledge are called gurus. Wisdom, alas, is left for philosophers who probably use manual typewriters.”

In 2013, the hi-tech computer world is huge, all-encompassing and affecting our daily lives. Someone said to me recently that he believes that hi-tech is the worst thing that ever happened. These are strong words, and I agree.

Hi-tech has not brought us one step closer to critical matters of importance: peace, economic justice, ecological health, respect and care of the Earth, integrity and good, meaningful work.

George Orwell in “1984” envisioned a police state – Big Brother in control and the use of fear to unite the masses. The police state is here now with hi-tech surveillance, invasion of privacy and acceptance of perpetual war. President Barack Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, authorizes deadly drone strikes on suspected terrorists in other countries. Many in Yemen and Pakistan live in daily fear, and many civilians have been killed by the use of this hi-tech warfare.

Aldous Huxley in “Brave New World” saw a future world in which those in power didn’t need to rely on fear and force for control. He saw a nation of willing, submissive servants made so by being well-fed. “Well-fed” in this present-day hi-tech-crazed world means corporations endlessly selling us weapons of mass distraction and deception.

Hi-tech is insidious to me because it provides the means for the fulfillment of the Orwell, Huxley prophecies and then some.

The land – Earth is being cannibalized by corporate energy giants, and so many of us don’t care. Our detachment from real life on Earth is frightful. Too many of us are self-absorbed and so needy with our constant use of hi-tech devices.

Whatever happened to having a mind of one’s own, being self-reliant, questioning authority, standing up for our rights and the rights of others?

I know of others besides myself who are not enamored by the hi-tech computerized world. We say ENOUGH! We are not commodities to be bought and sold. We are respectful of nature and all its gifts.

Join us. Regain your self-respect, your humanity and say no to corporate and Big Brother control of our lives. Be strong with love in your heart.