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Published September 05 2013

VIDEO: Weekly Wrap Up: Check out what's happening in Hollywood

On today’s online episode of “Weekly Wrap-up,” The Forum’s Heidi Shaffer and Cali Owings breakdown their top 10 list of must-see fall movies.

10. ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Heidi Shaffer: Leonardo Dicaprio can really do no wrong lately choosing scripts, and his portrayal of a high-rolling stockbroker who falls into corruption looks spot on. With Martin Scorsese behind the camera, I mean really, Calli, how can we not go see this?

9. ‘Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa’

Cali Owings: The trailer for this movie from Johnny Knoxville and the people behind the "Jackass" franchise really had me laughing in the theater. Knoxville dresses up like a real-ly old man and takes his actor grandson to all of the worst places and real peo-ple's reactions are filmed, just like "Borat."

8. ‘Gravity’

HS: This visually stunning film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as a pair of astro-nauts caught in a space station catastrophe. It got pretty good reviews last week at the Venice Film Fest, so I'm putting it on my fall watch list.

7. ‘Rush’

CO: I am not interested at all in Formula One racing, but the trailer for this Chris Hemsworth movie makes it look very exhilarating and sexy, and I can't resist any film set in the ’70s.

6. ‘Captain Phillips’

HS: Tom Hanks stars in the title role of this true story of an American ship captain who was hi-jacked in 2009 by Somali pirates. Just judging by the trailer, I think Hanks might be up for another Oscar this year.

5. ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

CO: I don't know a lot about this movie, but I think Matthew McCo-naughey has made some seriously good choices lately. His character in "Magic Mike" was dark and fascinating, and "Mud" was my favorite movie of the spring, so I have to see what he does next.

4. ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

HS: The second part in this best-selling trilogy is sure to be the Thanksgiv-ing holiday blockbuster, and for good reason. "Catching Fire" seems even more anticipated than the first film.

3. ‘Runner Runner’

CO: "Runner Runner" reminds me of "21" because it's about a college kid and gambling. I'm super interested to see Ben Affleck in this kind of suave-villain role and one of his few recent performances where he's not directing as well.

2. ‘August: Osage County’

HS: Rounding out my picks is a quieter film that I've been anxiously antici-pating since Meryl Streep and Ewan McGregor were cast. The film, which prem-ieres on Monday at the Toronto Film Fest and is released on Christmas Day, has a super dark premise packed with family drama, but with Streep, McGregor, Julia Roberts and other big names, it's an ensemble cast that is sure to knock it out of the park.

1. ‘Don Jon’

CO: The film I'm most looking forward to this fall is "Don Jon." Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of my favorite actors. I trust his choices, so I think I will be impressed with his turn as a young guy from New Jersey who struggles with intimacy. And if anything I'll watch it for his Jersey Shore flat top.

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