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Linda Jenson, Moorhead, Published September 03 2013

Letter: Misdemeanor charge too light

Six dead horses and 11 more neglected, yet William Tompkins gets a plea deal. No felony on the books for little Billy – just a misdemeanor, and he only serves one year in jail. He will even have “unsupervised” probation when he gets out of the slammer.

After reading this disgusting story, I have more questions than answers, but my No. 1 question is: When are these animal cruelty laws going to change? These precious animals have no choice. Obviously, Tompkins had a choice – he could have fed them. If there was no money to feed them, ask for help or willingly give them to someone who can take good care of them.

Too bad Tompkins doesn’t suffer the same “neglect” when he is waiting for his next meal in jail.