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M.L. Huber, New Rockford, N.D., Published August 31 2013

Letter: Education is more than ACT testing

Regarding The Forum editorial of Aug. 22, “Indicator of failing education?”:

No one likes taking tests. Whether you want to prove you know something or just get it over with, tests can be, and many times are, a stressful experience for students. I have personally never liked them and find them an inaccurate assessor of student benchmarks.

That said, there’s no getting around them. They have been part of academia as far back as any student can remember because schools want to know that their students are learning. It’s become all the more exigent now due to federal regulations that tie funding to student performance, making education itself an issue to debate in the political arena, just as contentious as immigration or abortion. It’s sad that we can’t agree on what a fact is, or on how to allow educators the latitude they need to teach students as unique, independent individuals.

The Forum makes an excellent point: Somewhere, our standards are much too low, and the worst part of it is that the students know it. In many ways, they’ve stopped trying because they feel as though teachers, administrators and their parents and schools don’t care about their educational experience. They’re just numbers – bodies in seats to take tests so their school can receive more money to sit on and never spend on them.

And to be honest, if I were just being treated like an employee used to earn my institution more money, I wouldn’t study for the ACT either.