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James Carriere, Fargo, Published August 31 2013

Letter: It’s nothing more than relativism

In his Aug. 4 letter, “I refer writer to the scholars,” Curtis Stofferahn was correct in not capitalizing the word scholars. What theories and or hypotheticals are we using as our foundation of thought? The post-modern day scholars who think just like Dan Brown of the Da Vinci Code myth – that their conclusions are set in stone? In other words, if they formulate a theory, it’s without flaws? And intellectually sound? And Stofferahn believes that malarkey? These elite scholars seem to endorse more chaos than righteousness. I see this as nothing more than progressives wanting us to waddle into uncharted territory just to see if we can evolve.

The idea that post-modern day philosophy cannot be wrong and we should agree with their deceit of deconstruction or aberrant misconstruction is nothing more than moral relativism. The foundation of thought these sophists would have our children and their children taught is that there are no objective standards or universal norms. I would suggest Stofferahn read Colossians 2:8 and think about what Gospel the Apostle Paul was referring to in his warnings to the Colossians.

Was it the gospel of the post-modern day sophist and so-called scholars from Mars Hill? Or Paul’s Gospel that they should adhere to in the long run. Why did Christ say that not one jot or tiddle shall be left out? I’m sure that these scholars referred to by Stofferahn could excuse away any Scripture verse to suit their own relative desires.