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Deserae Harstad, Published August 27 2013

Letter: Congressman does not deserve Forum editorial’s high praise

Earlier this month, The Forum published an editorial calling attacks on Congressman Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., “silly.” I haven’t heard the radio commercial they referenced, and perhaps it really is silly. But I have a serious problem with the claim that Cramer is out and about, working hard for his constituents.

I am married with children and am working hard to graduate and earn my ADN-RN degree in nursing, with the goal being to serve a rural medical community. My husband had his hours cut at his agricultural processing job due to low demand and hasn’t been allowed to work full time.

I am one of those constituents Cramer is supposedly serving. I have written letters and called Cramer’s office multiple times, and to this day, have yet to receive a single response. I have even reached out across social communication, trying to give Cramer the benefit of the doubt, but I still have not heard back about my concerns regarding this state I love.

So I’d like to ask the folks at The Forum: Is this the kind of “hard work” and dedication to constituents that you are talking about? Is this the kind of representation you think the people of North Dakota deserve?

I’d also like to ask Cramer why it is that he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to respond to the people he represents – does he only speak and respond to people who agree with him? From what I’ve seen, he hasn’t done a whole lot since being in office, so why is it exactly that he doesn’t have time for people like my family and me?

Is he too busy wishing bodily harm upon the leaders of a friendly sovereign nation (when he expressed a desire to throttle the tribal leaders of the Spirit Lake Nation), supporting the split of the farm bill from its nutrition program counterpart against the wishes of at least three North Dakota farm groups and hundreds of national groups and defying at least 20 years of bipartisan tradition, or perhaps he was too busy to return my call because he was conjecturing on just how, exactly, school shootings are the fault of a Supreme Court ruling from 1973?

As I said, I know I am not the only one who hasn’t been a priority to Cramer, and I vehemently disagree with the notion that “the congressman has little to worry about …” in the next election. I will be doing everything I can to ensure that someone who really does care about the people of North Dakota represents us in Washington.

Harstad lives in rural Reynolds, N.D.