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Tom Bommersbach, West Fargo, Published August 24 2013

Letter: Thanks to doctors for excellent care

While receiving a series of neck adjustments at HealthSource from Dr. Matt Burglur, he noticed I had some swelling in my neck. He suggested having it checked out. So, upon his advice, I made an appointment with Sanford West Fargo Clinic. They performed an ultrasound on my neck, and, much to my dismay, they found a cancerous mass down in my neck next to my thyroid. I was sent to Dr. David Newman, an endocrinologist at Sanford Southpointe Clinic in Fargo, where he laid out my options. He tried to minimize the risks associated with this type of cancer, but I was still apprehensive. After further discussion, we decided that removal of both the thyroid and the mass was my best option.

Surgery would be performed by Dr. Tom Traynor, Sanford North Fargo. He was also very professional in explaining what was going to take place, considering I hadn’t seen a doctor in 12 years. (Note: Have a regular checkup, people!) I was confident of his abilities after doing some research on his work.

Well, the big day came for surgery, and I was very nervous, to say the least, since I hadn’t had any symptoms before this. In pre-op, I’m sure with just one look at me, Verna and her staff at Sanford North thought they better handle me with kid gloves. The most humorous thing about the whole ordeal was when the anesthesiologist came in to explain how the surgery was going to be performed. He was a Vietnam War vet and asked me what denomination I was and that maybe we could say a prayer together. I said I was Catholic and he said he was Protestant, but that was OK, he’d still pray for me. That alone put me at ease. The surgery went well, and I’m on the road to recovery with thanks to all the help I’m receiving from my wife, Sandy, and the rest of my family and friends.

A big debt of gratitude to all the professionals in their medical fields in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We have some of the best in the world right here in their caring hands.