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Bruce D. Brovold, Fargo, Published August 24 2013

Letter: New two-way turn restrictions seem to defeat whole purpose

Why make two-way streets out of one-ways in Fargo if you are not permitted to drive on them?

I wanted to try out the new two-way First Avenue and could not. The reason is a “no left turn” sign on University Drive and First Avenue. I thought the reason for these new two- lane avenues was to get people to downtown and help the businesses. Why are people’s tax dollars going to help downtown businesses, when people can’t even turn onto First Avenue from University Drive to get to the downtown district?

I also see that you can’t make left turns onto Broadway from NP and First avenues now, as we could in the past. How is that going to help Broadway businesses?

In my 65-year lifetime in Fargo, the city has changed Broadway three times to try to help out downtown businesses, wasting people’s tax dollars. When i was younger, it was a beautiful cobblestone street with street car rails still embedded in the brick.

Then the cement Broadway came, and later the slalom course Broadway, which only helped out body shops.

Now Fargo is using the same porous bricks to replace brick that fell apart so fast. They said it was from trucks hauling clay for the floods; however, look at the bad bricks on Second, Third and Fourth avenues. There were no trucks hauling clay on those avenues. They have turned black and are dangerous, as they are broken and raised, causing many trip hazards. If they would have used cobblestone, which is glazed and baked in a kiln to make it shiny, it would have kept out moisture and lasted 100 years.

Downtown businesses have to help themselves. Today every business has different opening and closing hours. Even during Cruisin’ Broadway nights, most stores close their doors at 5 p.m. Maybe downtown businesses do not need extra money.

If one can’t make a left turn off of University Drive onto First Avenue, the whole idea of two-ways helping downtown has started out on a no-win scenario.

How many years will it take for them to go back to one-ways?