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Anna G. Larson, Published August 21 2013

Thursday review: Bambooee Sweeps

FARGO – After I watched “No Impact Man,” a documentary about author Colin Beavan and his quest to make as little environmental impact as possible, I started thinking about my own lifestyle.

I was impressed with how Colin and his family were able to reduce and pretty much eliminate the trash they produced.

One way to eliminate trash and be greener is to use reusable products. Enter the Bambooee Tree Saver Sweeps.

The sustainable sweeper sheets that fit in a Swiffer Sweeper are made from organic bamboo, and they can be used over and over after a trip to the washing machine. Makers of the Bambooee products say one roll of Bambooee Sweeps replaces up to 1,500 disposable sweeper pads – that’s some serious waste elimination and money savin’.

I’m a bit of a clean freak, so I was excited to try out the Bambooee Sweeps. They come in a roll of 15 sheets that cost $15 plus shipping and handling at www.bambooee.com – not a bad price if I can use them over and over.

The sheets feel sturdy, and I like the “grime-lifting” scrubber dots. They worked well on my Swiffer Sweeper and grabbed dirt and dust efficiently. After a thorough sweep of my kitchen, I removed the bamboo sheet from the Swiffer. Yuck.

The sheet was covered in all sorts of icky debris that had been hiding on my floor. I didn’t want to wash the sheet with the rest of my laundry, so I opted to hand wash it. The sheet came clean, and after it dried I was able to use it again.

The bottom line: Bambooee Sweeps are an eco-friendly option for a greener clean.

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