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Brad Mills, Jamestown, N.D., Published August 19 2013

Letter: Speed ‘collapse’ of the right wing

The letter from Kay Syvrud (July 28) titled “Our civilization is on the decline” was quite interesting. These doomsday predictions of the end of civilization are nothing new (or particularly credible), but blaming President Barack Obama and his “extreme liberalism” for the final stages of our supposed collapse is quite a delusional twist on it.

If Obama has an “extreme liberal” agenda, he is failing quite miserably at pushing it through, and there is a reason for that. The Republican Party has the entire federal government tied up in knots and is very successfully blocking just about anything Obama tries to do. They control the House of Representatives, and due to the unconstitutional filibuster rule, they have a stranglehold on the Senate as well. They also control the Supreme Court.

As a political strategy, it is brilliant: Make sure the government is as dysfunctional and ineffective as possible, and then blame Obama for the whole mess.

In reality, the “civilization in decline” that Syvrud is referring to is the right-wing conservative portion that exists in America. It is collapsing because America is moving away from hate, fear, warmongering, racism, bigotry, homophobia and most other things that right-wing America has always stood for. As far as I’m concerned, the collapse of that civilization can’t come soon enough.