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Jim Hanson, Fargo, Published August 17 2013

Letter: Hoeven another liberal?

Is Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., an enigma, or is he, as it seems, just another liberal Democrat? He has embarrassed our state with his speeches on immigration and the farm bill. He seems to be an ardent supporter of the most pro-government administration in the world’s history.

If I recall correctly, the state of North Dakota overwhelmingly voted for Mitt Romney in the last election and for John McCain four years before. Is Hoeven trying to build a legacy for himself, or he is representing the views of the people who sent him to Washington?

It also appears that the newspaper with the largest circulation in the state (The Forum) is following the lead of the national press and not calling out the politicians for their actions.

The embarrassing state of our economy and the record number of people on food stamps should embarrass anyone affiliated with the federal government. No one is for denying children daily nourishment, but when you see the fraud connected to this program, it turns your stomach. Do we have to feed 100 deadbeats in order to feed one deserving child?

There was recently a special report done on the ease of obtaining food stamps and the fraud involved. In four short years, there are 70 million more people on food programs, and there seems to be no shame in the pride this administration takes in these numbers. More than 110 million people are receiving some type of assistance in their daily need for food. Any thinking person would view this as failure, not take pride in the fact the producers of this nation have more expected of them every day.

Two important words are missing from our vocabulary these days: pride and shame. It is not a shame to need a hand, but it is a shame to not have enough pride to work at anything available to eliminate the need for help.

I believe that fear of being called a racist is a factor, but that, my fellow Americans, it is a shameful excuse used by the press and elected officials. The day that being right is racist or uncaring is a dangerous sign for the total demise of a once great nation. I, for one, do not disagree with anything President Barack Obama does because of his mixed race; it is because he is an unapologetic pro-government ideologue.

I expect Hoeven to fight to the end against policies that make us a socialist state and to vote with the opposition on the rare occasion they bring forth pro-capitalism, pro-freedom legislation. Our government did not make our nation great. It was our freedom from the tyranny of government dependence. We must never lose sight of that.