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Colette Miesaloski, Bowman, N.D., Published August 16 2013

Letter: Talk-show host anything but fair

I am not surprised, but I am saddened at the obvious partisanship and relentless attacks on Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., that talk-show host Joel Heitkamp shouts from his post on “News and Views” at KFGO radio out of Fargo. Almost reliably, Heitkamp brings on Democrats in droves, and the show becomes two hours of Republican bashing. And when he does bring on Republicans, he doesn’t “grill them” like he says he will.

Take for example the times when Cramer is kind enough to go on the show. Heitkamp will engage dialogue with him but never confront him with his unwarranted accusations in his presence. Listening to his show, it is obvious that Heitkamp has his sights on ousting Cramer in 2014 and will twist all of the facts he has to in order to do it.

If Heitkamp is going to have a hyper-partisan show, why doesn’t he just come out and tell everyone and quit pretending he allows the Republicans to have a part in the conversation.