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Paul Knutson Westfield, Ind., Published August 16 2013

Letter: Pride is hardly a welcome virtue

While returning to Fargo for a family milestone, I was unprepared for the display that I observed in the city. My youngest son saw what reminded him of the flag of Mauritius, all around downtown. I was thankful for his innocence and geography skills, and realized that hearts of the residents of Fargo were so open and loving that they have embraced the culture of a minority persecuted from time immemorial, or so that they would have you believe.

The Fargo I remember was that loving place, a place where the love of God was present, and people cared for each other, and they loved because God first loved them. This was present in the churches, in the schools, and in the homes, a decidedly Christian culture, a culture that would sponsor refugees from Vietnam, Sudan, and Somalia (perhaps other places; these are those I recall). It was a culture that inspired families to adopt children without regard to what is called race (There is one race, the human race).

It was a culture where the majority had a common love for Christ, and zeal for his word. All of society benefits when the majority of society is accountable to God.

Fargo is a place with heart – but where is its collective heart leading us? In what direction is it going? Pride is far from a virtue, and what if we are proud of what is far from virtuous?

Chasten your hearts, and embrace what is true, honorable, just, right and pure. Scripture has harsh words for those who call evil good and good evil. Search the Scriptures, train your heart to discern these things, and show true love to those who are proud of immorality, and save them from the eternal consequences of opposition to their creator, whose eternal power and divine nature have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. Pride comes before a fall.