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Sherri Richards, Published August 14 2013

Thursday Review: Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk doesn’t deliver vibrant results

FARGO – The names of Hot Huez temporary hair chalk alone promise brightly colored results: hot pink, electric blue, fiery fuchsia and neon green.

The box also proclaims “eye-popping” and “vibrant color.”

If your hair is as white-blonde as the girl on the box – or my 2-year-old son – it might live up to those claims. But on darker hair, like mine and my daughter’s, you must explore the very fine line between pressing hard enough on the chalk compacts to see the color and pressing so hard you accidentally pull the hair from your scalp.

I paid about $10 at Wal-Mart for the package of four as-seen-on-TV colored chalk compacts. It’s a good price, as some single containers of hair chalk can cost that much.

The compact packaging is smart and relatively mess-free, though the instructions recommend applying over a bathroom counter and not over carpeted areas.

To apply, you first prime the hair with a leave-in conditioner spray to prep the hair and reduce the chance of color staining. Other than the conditioner, your hair should be free of products and oil.

Using small sections of hair, you position the compact so the chalk is facing down and sponge is facing up, so the color is applied to the top of the strand. Press and slide the compact down the strand.

Finally, seal the chalk with hairspray to avoid color transfer to clothing or skin.

To remove it, shampoo and rinse.

Hair Huez is designed for ages 8 and up, but there was no way my 5-year-old was going to miss out on the fun.

She enjoyed the process of putting the temporary color on, but I wasn’t too impressed with the subtle results, which seemed to fade out before her evening bath.

I pressed harder on my hair trying to up the color factor, with painful success. A second swipe seems to be more effective.

While I liked the convenience of the compact design, it also means you can’t get close to the roots.

Bottom line: Hair Huez is an inexpensive way to participate in the hair chalk trend. Just don’t expect intense results.

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